Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book Blogger Hop (9/24-9/27)

The Book Blogger Hop is run by the wonderful Crazy for Books. I love it and think it's a great way to find blogs and get to know other bloggers! This week's question is:
"As a blog reader, what information (besides the book review) do you like to see in other bloggers’ reviews of books? (For example – Author bio, social media links, book synopsis from Amazon/Goodreads or one written by the blogger, page count, ISBN number, link to purchase, etc.)"

Great question and definitely one that I struggle with when I am trying to decide what information to include in my reviews! Other than the review, I like to see the book cover and a synopsis from either Amazon or Goodreads (no preference for either one). Page count and all that doesn't really concern me since, for me at least, the length doesn't normally effect my enjoyment of the book. I never thought about wanting to see social media links, but now I realize that I did put Maureen Johnson's twitter link on my review of The Name of the Star because she is so hilarious and entertaining. I guess other than the odd social media link, I really just want to see a synopsis and the cover!

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