Sunday, March 10, 2013

When Life and Books Collide

As you may have noticed, I have not really been posting lately. Part of that reason is work being super busy, but the bigger part is something from my personal life. My grandmother passed away on February 24 and it took me a good two weeks to be able to read again (and want to blog). Part of that was the grieving process, yes, but part of it had to do with the specific book I was reading.

One of my favorite pics of my grandparents, right after they got married. I miss them both like crazy.

I eagerly took Scarlet by Marissa Meyer from my classroom library when it arrived, fully intending to read it over a few days since I was so excited for it. I was about three quarters of the way through when Granny died and if you've read Scarlet or the description of it, you know why I couldn't continue. One of the main plot lines in the book is Scarlet searching for her grandmother and I just could not read about a grandmother with mine being gone so recently. I couldn't even think about the book, honestly. It made me too sad.

I am not writing this post to garner sympathy, but to instead try to explain the first time I can remember my personal life impacting my ability to read. Sure, I've read books that remind me of high school or some event in my life, but never anything that made me not want to read like this. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been unable to read something because it hits too close to home?

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