Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Settings

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is a rewind, so I'm going with:

Top Ten favorite settings

1. The prairie: I adore historical fiction that takes place on the prairie, particularly when the characters live in a shanty or sod house. LIW or Hattie Big Sky, anyone?

2. Islands: I find islands to be really cool settings, especially when very few people live on said island, like in Burn for Burn or The Gathering.

3. Boarding schools: Boarding school settings are AWESOME, especially if they are old and have cool features like forbidden wings. I'm thinking of A Great and Terrible Beauty and Looking for Alaska.

4. Mountains: Mountains make great settings, like in Princess Academy.

5. The South: I love southern settings, especially in historical fiction, like Ruta Sepetys's upcoming Out of the Easy.

6. 18th & 19th century east coast: I love when historical fiction takes place in old timey cities on the east coast, like Born Wicked and The Vespertine.

7. Really small towns: Books that take place in super small towns always suck me in, like Cryer's Cross (although I ended up not liking that one). Bonus points for one room schoolhouses in modern times.

8. Spaceships: Who doesn't love spaceship settings? I'm looking at you, Across the Universe! Any other spaceship books I need to read?

9. London: London is an awesome setting, historical and modern. I'm thinking Name of the Star.

10. Castles: Castles kind of fascinate me, so if a book were set in a London boarding school that used to be a castle? I would die. 

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