Monday, May 5, 2014

How and Why I Open My Classroom Library During The Summer

Over the last couple weeks on Twitter, I've noticed that teachers are starting to ask if other teachers/school librarians open their libraries during the summer for student use. My answer to that question is YES!! Here's why/how:

1. First of all, why not? The books will just sit there otherwise, unread by anyone but me (if I go in and get them), so why not let students borrow them? Last summer I went in every Thursday morning for a couple hours (sometimes with a fellow teacher) so students could come and return/borrow more books. Sometimes no one came; sometimes 5 people came. Regardless of how many, I'm always happy to see books going home with students. This summer I plan on being there at least once a week, probably more. I'd like to pick an evening to be there so students can come by then if they can't make the morning time.

2. Not all of the townships in my school district have access to our public library. The township I live in, for example, does not support the library, so I pay for a card every year (the amount the average tax payer contributes). Thankfully, I can afford this, but not many students can. I like to be a resource for books during the summer and am sometimes the only resource.

3. I love talking books and talking to students, so it's great to able to continue that in June, July, and August. After talking about books daily during the school year, I miss it during the summer! It's nice to have that opportunity to catch up about books and life in general one or two days a week.

4. Like I said earlier, last year I went in one morning per week and this summer, I'd like to be there one morning and one evening. I'm also available by Twitter and email for students to contact me if they are looking for a certain book or they can't come in at my regular times. I'm happy to pop into school at another time or leave a book in the office for them to pick up.

Do any of you, fellow teachers or school librarians, open your libraries during the summer? I'm curious to find out what everyone does!

My wall of books that students can pick from!

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